What’s New:: Willow Bangles

So… lots of people share their studios and workspaces on their blogs… I thought today would be the perfect day to share mine! Mine is a bit different than most, you see… my studio lives beneath this lovely willow tree. (i totally rhymed on purpose… it is Dr. Seuss’ birthday after all)

ok, seriously. I have a husband, a seven year old, two dogs and a fish. Sometimes the house seems a bit small. So I escape (i do this often). In my neighborhood there is cemetery that is nearly a century and half old. It’s the most peaceful place in my world. (i’m guessing that was the plan all along.. peace). This cemetery is designed to feel more like a central park than a graveyard. So I go there nearly every single day. This willow is always the destination. It’s inspiring and healing. Some days I just lie on a blanket, read a book, meditate… but some days I load up all my tools and create new items.

The weather has been perfect in NC as of late and the new leaves have started to sprout on the willow. So, I headed out today… with a blanket and a coffee…




About this time of year when the new growth is coming in on the tree, some pretty perfect branches fall to the ground.  When I arrived, I found a whole pile of them!  So I made a few bangles…




When the bangles dry, you add a few jewels and Viola!  it doesn’t get any more organic than this!


The secret is… you can’t take the branches from the tree… the tree must GIVE you the branches.  That’s the rule!


All the bracelets look a little different, so I’ll probably add a few different versions over the course of the week and weekend!


Stay tuned!!

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2 thoughts on “What’s New:: Willow Bangles

  1. I ordered an awesome ring from you on etsy, and now I am awestruck with what to order next. I grew up in Alabama with a very large will in the back yard and never contemplated making bracelets out of the branches. My mom would use them on our hides! I do desperately want one of these awesome creations! So unique and eccentric! Love your talent!

    • Thank you so much! I hope to get these up over the weekend. I’ve been so swamped lately and haven’t had a chance to photograph them.

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