Finders Keepers:: The Perfect Spring Scarf

I purchased this scarf from VintageFromFinland a few weeks back… and I can not stress to you how much I LOVE it!

With mornings in the 40s and afternoons in the 70s, this scarf has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe!

It’s a scar, it’s a shawl, and it’s small enough that if I get too warm, I can toss it in my bag!  And the color is a beautiful berry color!!  It looks great with pretty much anything!  I wear it with dresses, t-shirts, I even wrap up in it when I’m watching tv.  Did I mention, it’s perfect??  Cause it is!

Naturally, I’m in the market for more of these scarf/shawl combos… I’ve found a few and decided to share them here.  You need at least one, seriously.

I really love the bright color of this Summer Scarf from SweetTrend.  Those days when you go out to lunch and it’s burning up outside, but inside the restaurant, it is freezing… yeah, this scarf would be ideal!  $10!

This Folk Floral Spring Scarf from DoubleRainbowVintage is too adorable… and only $12.00!!!

If  shawls aren’t your thing, you can get the same sort of look and comfort from a circle scarf.  I have a few off these and the thinner, almost shear ones work great on summer nights!

I love Pretty Birdies Hemp and Organic, Hand Dyed Circle Scarf!!

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