Drum Roll Please……

Good Monday morning.  Today is a good day.  Today, I got to cheer someone up and say…  YOU GET A FREE NECKLACE!!!  It was a tiny little glimpse into what it must be like to be The Mighty Oprah!

Next I will say, You Get a Coupon Code and you get a coupon code, YOU ARE ALL GETTING COUPON CODES!!!!!!!  :)

While I’m still flying high on giving stuff away…. I’m gonna go ahead and throw this out there….  If anyone would like to do a giveaway on their blog please contact me at shopearlybright@gmail.com  because this was fun!!!

Ok.  So, to find out who the winner is…  go on over to Wildblueberry Ink and check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please……

  1. Soooooooo when do the coupon codes come? I was too late to compete in this, so I look forward to using my code…on my birthday 11/06. Hint, nudge, hint ;)

    • HA! I got so excited about passing out coupons that I didn’t actually give the coupon code! I wonder if Oprah ever did that. I just posted it on facebook. It is good thru November 30th 2011!!!

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