A Few of my Favorite Things

I have an eight year old human child and two one and a half year old canine children… all girls.  All three of them are always up in my personal space.  There are days when I love it.  But there are days when I want to take off out the front door and run screamin’ “later, bitches!”… maybe that’s harsh, but that is the truth!

Here’s proof of the four legged children.  I took this photo of the paw prints on my pants.  This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I start out in one outfit… then by the time I have to pick up my daughter from school…  I have to change because I’m covered in dog slime, dog fur, and paw prints!  I always here these stories about human children… but this never happened with my daughter.  She was and is a great kid.  Never left food or drool or finger prints on me…. but these dogs….  they are a HANDFUL!  I love them.

The paw print shot I didn’t use was this one…  please note the dog foot DIRECTLY beside me (i told you… right beside me ALL DAY)… and the dog nose pressed up against my leg… as if she’s like “god, mom.  your pants are filthy… you’re such an embarrassment”.  Because trust… that is EXACTLY what Winnie is sayin.

And then there is little (and I use the term very lightly) Khali…  she is a monster of an animal, but she is the sweetest little creature on the planet.  Everyday I look over and she is just looking out the window caught in some sort of day dream.  I can’t even imagine what it could be about.  I know this picture is really dark, but she looked extra sweet today and it was the best picture I could get before she slimed my camera right in the lens.

I love my dogs, but I also love this little chair!  I found this at my favorite flea market.   It is a vintage step stool that a girl painted pink and made a cover for the back and a tiny cushion for the seat!  I bought it when Riley was just a baby (for her to sit at the table).  Once she out grew it, I alway held onto it.  Today, it is my work stool!!


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