Music that Inspires:: Shangri-Las?

Growing up, my dad had a van that played 8 tracks.  Of all the songs played, I remember two specific songs…  Earth Angel and Leader of the Pack.  I remember my mom singing both.  I found out later that Leader of the Pack happened to be one of her favorite songs.  You can listen to it ::HERE::

When I’m at home alone during the day, listening to pandora, Bat for Lashes radio is one of my favorites!  One of my favorites or her songs is What’s a Girl To Do?  Every time I would hear the song, I would get this weird nostalgic feeling that I couldn’t quite figure out.  Tonight, I was trying to take a nap… listening to pandora in my headphones… that song came on… and in my half dream state, I said…. LEADER OF THE PACK!  Here’s the video… oh yeah, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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