Easy and Disgusting BLOOD VIALS!!!

I can’t even express to you how much I LOVE halloween!  I think everyday should be halloween and then one day out of the year we should be “normal”.  Life would be so much more fun.

I’m going to post a few blogs about what we are doing today.

Riley, my 8 yr old, wants to be something dead every year!  Here is a really creepy photo of her last year…  I did not alter this… this is just how it happened!

WHAT?  I don’t even know how that happened.  I’ve seen stuff like this with film cameras (remember those), but never with a digital.


Anyway…  this year she is going to be a dead bride.  She needed a husband, so we decided to kill him, shrink him, and wear him as jewelry.  I know how terrible that sounds… but we are talking about a child who loves to watch Alfred Hitchcock.

So… here are a few photos of the vial of blood…. The blood of her dead husband!

I have tons of these vials around the house and fake blood is pretty easy to come by this time of year.  When we purchased the makeup she would need for tonight, it just happened to come with a packet of fake blood!  So, score!


Cut the corner of the packet of blood and fill the vial.

Glue on the cork… and viola!  A vial of blood!

SO GROSS!!! I love it!

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