To Tell you about me is to tell you a story of design intervention…. but let’s begin with the name.  LaDawn is truly my middle name.  Some find this hard to believe, but yes.. It’s true.  Don’t ask me why or how.  My mom said she just thought it was different… turns out, she was right.

Like most of us, I come from a long line of handmaidens.  Being from the south, “homemade” is just always better.  Wether you are talking about a biscuits or birthday gifts.  When you make it with love, it doesn’t get any better than that.  Because of this root that has been so firmly planted in the North Carolina soil I call home, I was fortunate enough to be born to a mother who could make any and every thing… and make it well!  And I’m not just talking about sweet tea and chicken pastry (although, she did make those well).  I mean if you wanted a birthday cake for your 12th birthday party with a portrait of Donnie Wahlberg on it (and you know I did!)… your wish was granted!  And don’t forget the goodie bags, she’s got that covered too.  Say you think it would be amazing to tell all your friends how you designed your own prom dress and then had it made (by your mom), one of a kind.. just for you.  Yeah, that happened to me my junior and senior year!  Moving into your first home and need the perfect quilt for your brand new adult bed… my mom had a trunk full of them handmade by herself and her grandmother.  Didn’t see the one that matched your new room decor… give her a few weeks and she could make one just for you.  Want that $100 scarf for your ski trip next weekend… don’t waste your money, mom can make that way cheaper!  And we can’t forget the perfect bouquet for your wedding… that has got to be perfection.  Well guess what, it just so happens my mom can arrange flowers like no body’s business.

I know what you’re thinking… your mom is Martha Stewart.  Nope, my mom is just a southern woman who could have easily given Martha a run for her money.  You’re probably also thinking, hmmm you sound a little spoiled.  I’ve been called that a time or two…  but I prefer “BLESSED”!

Believe it or not, growing up, my sister and I hated that our mom insisted on making everything.  We rolled our eyes at “handmade” for decades.  Then in 2004 we opened our very own artisan boutique featuring local, handmade goods.  My mom could not have been more proud.  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard “I told ya so”.

Today, my sister has a successful digital design business and me – well, I am a self-proclaimed ADD crafter.  I dabble in it all.  Everything inspires me.  From an acorn on the ground, to a worn out t-shirt.  I will make something with it given the time.  I have a book of ideas that sometimes manifest into actual projects.

I have a love for vintage jewelry and curious finds.  I love even more to marry the two for a unique union you would not see anywhere else.  I love fairy tales and fantasy and I am currently working on a fairytale inspired jewelry collection.  I often incorporate southern traditions and superstitions… as they have always been a part of me and therefore must be a part of my work.

I love seeing the craft world embrace curiosities and oddities.  My favorite way to describe my work is simply “objects of wonder” teetering somewhere between antique carnival and refined whimsy.

In my blog I will take you on a journey of creation, through my eyes.  Revealing what inspires me as well as the creative process of some of my items.  My hopes are that you might take away from it something that inspires you to create something yourself.

rise create shine!


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